Franks on First
Franks on First

A wide gastronomic variety for all tastes / Una amplia oferta gastronómica concebida para todos

exquisite broiled salmon
great veal & lamb ossobuco!

Frank´s offers you a wide variety of dishes and meals, combining the traditional and fresh italian cuisine with elaborated plates that stand out through time, always combined with suggestions in season.



Franks Trattoria le ofrece una cocina exquisita muy variada, platos para todos los gustos y sugerencias de temporada.

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371 First Avenue (between 21 & 22 street)


10010 NY, NY


(212) 677 2991

(212) 677 7140

Fax:(212) 982 0190






Now on the internet

Now you can access all kind of information and reiviews about our restaurant through different websites, such as YELP or menupages.


Ahora también puede acceder a todo tipo de información sobre nuestro restaurante a través de Internet.

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